Help people connect with journalists.


We create Apps that change how citizens and businesses communicate with journalists.

We aim to remove the limitations that spam email and social networks have put on contacting, discovering, following and sharing with journalists.

For citizens we've developed Smartphone Photo Sharing Apps.
For businesses we've developed Press Page Web Apps.
For journalists we've developed discovery Profiles.
For activists & protest organizers we've developed Apps for crowd-sourcing photos to collect photos from their crowd.

We are recognised by Google, the European Journalism Centre and we are part funded by Google's Digital News Initiative Fund.

1,000 journalists have joined Newslinn as of January 2017.


Newslinn 'The Idea' started in 2014 by 3 co-founders, we incorporated in 2015 - and the core citizen-to-journalist network launched in 2016.

Our network is free for journalists and open for people to share any type of news, whether it's protests and activism or local community events and personal success stories.

Our technical focus is on researching and building real-time photo verification technology so photos can be verified and shared with journalists in seconds using Newslinn's Smartphone Apps and Web Apps.


We have a proven track record of applying artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to solve complex problems in online real-time systems. We're a team of co-founders x 3 based in Dublin, Ireland.

Co-Founders: Suzanne Kennedy, Alan Mac Kenna, Shane Devane


The current version of the platform focuses on sharing photos in real-time and incorporates a mixture of technology to aid in verification including artificial intelligence, two-factor user authentication, historical weather data and GPS location data.

By providing a dedicated platform for sharing news we remove some of the risks people face when sharing news on social networks and some of the challenges journalists face with news verification.

To sustain a dedicated news sharing platform we have developed Press Pages for organisations so that they can share company updates, information, photos and PR material with journalists on a closed-network that has been designed around the needs of jornaists.


Newslinn is free for journalists and citizens.

Our Business service helps organisations share their PR material with journalists.

There is a freemium and premium version and it is available for startups, community groups, charities, government bodies, sports clubs and all types of organisations.

Businesses that require additional cloud storage beyond our free tier for their PR material are charged a subscription fee.

You can see more about our business services here
Newslinn for Business


You can join us on our open Slack chat or just email us